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First Letter to King Sebastion Rome
*Author's note: This letter is written between chapters 3 and 4.*
Your Majesty,
I write to inform you of my findings in Shimmering Wood.  Much to my surprise these creatures are real, for I and five others fought them after my entry into The Wood.  They walk upright as we do, but act in the manner of animals.  The first battle with these...."abominations," went rather well.  Do not waste ink trying to discover how I managed, I will simply tell you now.  Seven against thirty of the ghastly vermin, yes I meant seven.  My horse Spero, continues to impress me.  Though that is a story for later.  No one was seriously hurt in the battle and I walked away with nothing more than a bite mark.  Fear not, the boot suffered more than my leg.
Orion is doing his best given what the man has to work with, and I will be joining his effort to bring resolution to the situation.  There is no need to involve your men at this time.  If you do not receiv
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Lightning Rukia 3 - WIP :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 1 2
Mordessa Diary Entry One
*Author's note: This entry takes place roughly during chapters 3 & 4.*
Hello Book. I guess that's how you're supposed to start this. The Queen suggested I pour my thoughts and feelings into these pages now that Araos is gone. Maybe that's her way of saying this will make you feel better, but I'm not sure I see the point to this exercise. Here goes.
I am utterly torn between two men. On one hand, there's Vagant, whom I've gotten closer to over the years, especially recently. I have feelings for him, but he's told me we dare not pursue an actual relationship, nor could we ever marry due to his station in relation to mine. If we do pursue it, then apparently we'll be torn apart at some point, and really, what's the point if you can never marry? The political system and it's protocols seem a sham to me. If you care for someone, why can't you display your affections regardless of where you were born?
Then there's Araos, whom I've adored since we were children. I admit he was my first crush,
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The White Shadow - Shimmering Wood Part 1
Book One - Chapter Three
Shimmering Wood.  A beautiful, lush forest in the eastern part of the Avadonian Kingdom.  Once home to dwarves before they were driven out by the Giant Rebellion many years ago.  No one knows why the leaves here never die with the change of season, remaining an emerald green that shines in the light of sun or moon.  Some scholars believe this is the place that birthed our world, that the first humans came from this woodland.  Those of faith believe that a perversion or at the very least, a misinterpretation.
              I arrived here at nearly dusk, weary from my sojourn in the countryside.  Spero was still with me and thankfully so, for the journey would have taken much longer without him.  All I know about this place is gleamed from a book or those who've passed through.  Even Orion didn't say much about it, only that he enjoyed living here like no other.  From the outside one
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Ichigo (mixed) :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 5 1 Lightning Rukia 2 - WIP :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 3 3 Betrayal at Eden Prime (mixed) :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 12 0
Mature content
Mass Effect: Ghost Raven - Shades of Red :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 7 0
Praying in the Dark :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 11 0 Lightning Rukia - WIP :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 2 5 Tali Zorah vas Normandy (digital) :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 23 0
The White Shadow - A New Course
Book One - Chapter Two
              Dark, pitch black darkness.  I struggle against it as though it were the sea sucking me in.  A whirlpool of nothingness pulling me toward the center in a void of the unseen.  Then suddenly a blinding flash burns my eyes and robs me of all senses until the image of a bronze dragon comes into view through pain filled eyes.  It roars piercing my flesh with a silver venom tongue before is pours fire down the length of it.  Flames scorch my paralyzed body, tearing a scream in a realm no one can hear.  Death.  Death itself rises....
              I awake soaked in sweat, my eyes burning from the light of a new day.  “It was just a dream,” I said with a sigh, realizing it was just another nightmare.  Six years and one week to the day this plague has haunted me.  Thankful as I am to escape the horrors of my past, they pay visit
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Not So Blue :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 4 3 Ready for Summer :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 5 4 Manga-ish Cowgirl? :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 1 1 Soi Fon Sketch :iconjamesanimefan:JamesAnimeFan 6 1


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Currently I am writing a new book.  The White Shadow is still in the works and I will post an update on that later.  I do not intend to release any information on this new book yet until I've published it.  I can say it is well on its way to completion and has been something I've had a lot of motivation to finish.  There will be a digital version and I will post where you can get it once that is up and there should be a way to preview it before buying as well.  As far as my artwork goes, I cannot say when I will return to that.  I only know that right now its not something I've felt like working on in some time.  My life seems to go in circles, so to say I might return to art later wouldn't be a stretch, but right now it has been pretty far from my thoughts on most days.

I will post again when I have more to share.

Thanks for reading and following,
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James Edward Shields
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Updated as of April 20th 2016.

I'm more of a traditionalist, but I have been using my iPad for both writing and I've started drawing with it too. While I do have a drawing tablet for the PC, I prefer to draw on paper. (I'm just not any good with the thing really). Something about paper is much more personal to me. Most of the drawings I've uploaded here are done in pencil. Sometimes I color them, sometimes I don't. I also write short stories now, including an on going series called The White Shadow which takes place in a Fantasy setting that I've spent a lot of time crafting. Though this is now moving to be a book instead of individual stories, but I won't leave out the option to do a one shot here and there at some point. It's really hard to tell with the way things have been shaping up.

Someone may notice that I tend to take a while with a project. This is true. I tend to work on multiple projects at one time and there is a reason for this. I used to work on one at a time, but I noticed that by doing so I was losing perspective of the overall project. I now work on one thing a little here and stop to work on another before coming back to it. It helps me focus on sections at a time without being so absorbed that I lose perspective for the finished version. If I work on one thing at a time, I often get so absorbed that my focus will be solely on that area I am working on and mistakes can happen that hurt the overall outcome.

When I was a kid, I used to draw all the time. I'd slack off a bit and then get back into it. Back then I wanted to be an architect more than anything else though, and when the time came for me to decide a course in high school, I was left with a decision to take either Art II or Drafting II. I chose the later because I figured it was more practical to my career goals. I think that was either 1992 or 1993 and that's when I stopped drawing anything that wasn't related to my career path. Looking back, I wish I hadn't. I haven't been interested in architecture since right after high school. It wasn't until 2011 that I started drawing again. I still tend to take spells where I do not draw anything and then out of the blue there will be a resurgence.

I used to write songs and poetry when I was in school as well. And continued to do so for at least another 5 years after high school. I then got into writing stories. I had a few novel attempts, but I wasn't able to finish them. There was a short story or two back then too. I can't even remember the year I stopped writing, but as of 2013 I've started writing again.

Current Residence: North Carolina, USA
Favourite genre of music: Classical or Gospel
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64 or Windows 7 Ultimate 64 depending on which PC I happen to be on at the time.

I'm into video games, comics, movies/tv, and I enjoy reading as well. Even though I grew up on a farm I am not much of an outdoors person.

I currently own and use the following systems for gaming: PC, PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and my iPad Air.

As to what I do for a living, I sell Avon full time. I am a Sales Representative and a Leadership Representative. As a part of the later, I sign up others who want to become Avon Reps and educate them in the business.

I am above all else a Christian.



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